Ageloc Hair & Scalp Serum

Ageloc Hair & Scalp Serum

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ageLOC Scalp & Hair Serum

Item # 01002149

Incredible, rejuvenating hair care to help you look amazing down to your roots. ageLOC Intensive Scalp & Hair Serum delivers vital proteins and nutrients to your scalp and strengthens your roots for a fuller hairstyle. This leave-in, non-greasy formula invigorates the scalp day after day and makes hair look and feel divine. Repeat this effortless ritual morning and night to help revitalize your hair.Ā 

Why You'll Love ItĀ 

ā€¢ Nourishes and invigorates scalp and hair.
ā€¢ Promotes the appearance of fuller, thicker, healthier hair.
ā€¢ Calms and soothes the scalp.
ā€¢ Strengthens and fortifies thin, lifeless hair.
ā€¢ Protects hair from free radicals.
ā€¢ Improves scalp and hair health with an effortless twice daily ritual.

What Powers ItĀ 
ā€¢ ageLOC Proprietary Blend for Scalpā€”Targets the sourcesĀ of aging scalp for more revitalized looking hair.
ā€¢ Red Clover and Peptide Blendā€”Helps hair look stronger,Ā thicker, and fuller while preventing breakage.
ā€¢ Licorice Root Extract Blendā€”Supports healthy folliclesĀ and hair.
ā€¢ Scalp- and Hair-Loving Proteinā€”Revitalizes the scalp andĀ promotes the appearance of stronger, thicker, healthierĀ hair that resists breaking.
ā€¢ Vitamin E and Other Antioxidantsā€”Protect scalp andĀ hair from free radicals.
ā€¢ Panthenolā€”Contributes to soft, silky, lustrous hair.